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Products & Programs Don't PanicParenting invites chaos, sometimes so much that we can’t see the joy through the dust and smoke! Exploring and increasing awareness around your own unique parenting chaos tolerance starts you on the path to finding ways to keep smiling as you make your way through the adventure of raising the next generation.

Julz of Life offers parenting chaos management solutions for organizations as well as individuals. Since we have personal experience being tormented in post-kid dressing rooms, we know “one size fits all” is laughable. We cater to all learning types including independent study, group, and one-on-one coaching, and we serve a wide range of budgets.

Julie’s down-to-earth humor and straight-forward activities will keep you engaged and moving toward the joy you seek.

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21-Day Challenge – 21 Days to EVERYONE Contributing Around the House

If your biggest “chore” is getting your family to help around the house – join us for this FREE 21-Day Challenge from Julz of Life! It appeared on Facebook in October 2016.
Late to the game? Don’t worry – you can pop in anytime thereafter, start from Day 1, and join the conversations! Daily videos, actions, and discussion questions will guide you and your family to less nagging and MORE BRAGGING!

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Julie offers coaching one-on-one, in groups, and coaching in conjunction with workshops within your organization.

With the variety of coaching packages available, she offers the flexibility to fit your life and your budget.



Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

As families grow and change, so do the development needs of the parents.  This can cause strife that bleeds into the workplace if it’s not supported.  Julz of Life offers systems to help your talented employees stay on track at both home and work by creating valuable habits to ease the chaos of parenting.




Julz of Life offers eWorkbooks to help you move through material at your pace. We understand that you often have bits of time in waiting rooms, in parking lots, on the bleachers and in between events. Our workbooks are designed with your life in mind… short bits of info, questions that inspire you to relate the bits to your situation and space for you to record your thoughts.




Are you looking for something featured on the Julz of Life Community page? Maybe just dabbling in your parenting health and growth? (Whoa! There IS such a thing?!)

Have a look at the resources offered here. If you aren’t sure what to do with something, just ask!