Corporate Programs for Parents in Leadership Roles

Employee assistance programsEmployee assistance programs, flexible work arrangements, job-sharing, on-site childcare, and maternity/paternity benefits are just a few of the ways great organizations are responding to parents’ needs. Successful organizations like yours have realized that supporting the needs of their people, both inside and outside the workday will increase productivity and decrease turnover.

As families grow and change, so do the development needs of the parents.  This can cause strife that bleeds into the workplace if it’s not supported.  Julz of Life offers systems to help your talented employees stay on track at both home and work by creating valuable habits to ease the chaos of parenting.

The programs are perfect for transitions like new flex work arrangements, arrival back from leave, and for the general population of parents in your organization with kids who have just passed a milestone (started school, started driving, moved to middle or high school, or even left the nest).

Julz of Life offers live seminars, a series of lunch-n-learn programs, workshops, webinars and other presentations all designed to help parents find their chaos tolerances and build routines to stay out of the red zone. Contact Julie Ford to discuss your groups’ needs.

When your employees’ lives are running smoothly at home,

amazing things can happen at work.


Creating Time and Energy: A Foundational Workbook for Scattered Parents, published in February of 2016 is designed to assist parents with their matching actions with what matters most in their lives. This personalized conversation about the important work of raising up the next generation of leaders provides a forced “pause” in the everyday chaos of parenting.

Parents’ work is imperative not only to our little people but to the world around us. Affording themselves this tiny pause to build a parenting foundation in what matters most, parents notice how very much more joy exists in the journey. The concepts within are nothing new, but this logical and humorous presentation makes the process attractive, simple and most of all, doable.

Bonus: This workbook has a plethora of resources available (audio, eBook, worksheets, online and video course guidance, community forum, etc.) through our Julz of Life Membership which can be customized for your organization in a private website, serving as an ongoing benefit available when your employees need it. This benefit may be offered in conjunction with or separate from our other programs.

Finding Joy & Mitigating Madness: Valuable Habits for Managing the Chaos (working title – coming soon!) is a workbook designed with parent leaders in mind.  It walks folks through finding their colleagues’ and family’s chaos tolerances (as well as their own!)  It holds exercises for exploring what matters most and what triggers the most unwanted chaos. It also helps readers develop a plan for moving forward with habits and routines that work FOR their family, ensuring the participation of all family members.


Creating Time and Energy: Foundational Habits

How often do we identify ourselves as “crazy busy”? This topic brings to light some basic truths about where time and energy may be leaking from our lives. When we ground ourselves in what we value most, the daunting “sea of choice” becomes easier to navigate. Time and energy have always been there – let Julie help your group find it in the mess of it all.

With this workshop we:

  • Learn basic truths about where time and energy might be leaking from participants’ lives.
  • Own a calendar filled with no regrets (instead of regularly displaying their “Badge of Busy.”)
  • Create habits that use time and energy on the most fulfilling aspects of work/life.

Instead of “crazy busy,” participants can own a calendar filled with no regrets and use their energy for the most fulfilling aspects of their lives.

Valuable Habits for Working Families: Harmony at Home = Outstanding in the Office

This topic includes the concepts from Julie’s second book (now in progress) which is an exploration in chaos tolerance and mitigation at work and home.

Chaos happens, so what do we do when it does? How can work and life blend with more joy and less chaos? What if we took the BEST communication and leadership from the BOARD ROOM and applied it to the FAMILY ROOM and vice versa?

In this topic we:

  • identify behaviors in ourselves that indicate a chaos level of code yellow or more, so that we can mitigate that chaos before it BLOWS!
  • learn to notice behaviors in those close to us (colleagues, family members, etc.) that indicate a chaos level of code yellow or more so that we can be of assistance.
  • gather methods reduce chaos and/or cope with planned chaos until situations calm.

We’ll move you towards valuable habits for raising our next generation, enjoying every stage.

Can You Hear Me NOW?
Trending Technology Doesn’t Have to Lead to Communication Chaos

The sea of choice in techno and non-techno communication can equal communication chaos. “Should I call, text, email, IM, write on a wall, send an old fashioned stamped letter, or just – GASP – show up at their door?!” Learn how to narrow the gaps in communication caused by various personal and generational preferences and trends. We’ll cover:

  • What’s YOUR communication profile?
  • How do you identify the best way to reach colleagues, family members, and client prospects?
  • How can you adapt your communication for the best results?


Don’t fall victim to communication arrogance, risking lost sales and strained relationships. Let Julie help you eliminate communication chaos!


WORKSHOPS (live and virtual)

It takes at least 21 days to make or break a habit. These 4-week, interactive, deep-dive programs can be done live, virtual, or a mix thereof, giving learners a chance to digest and apply the skills and concepts presented in each lesson. Each learner receives post-program, 1:1 coaching to seal in the learning in a customized way.

To accommodate busy schedules, flexible work arrangements, and not remove employees from their posts for too long, we’ve designed live + virtual delivery of our topics.

Workshops include:
• An overview lunch-n-learn for up to 30 people to determine true interest in a deeper dive.
• A four-week, deep-dive program for groups of 8.
Week One – 3 hours live, in-house
Weeks Two through Four – 1.5-2 hour virtual sessions via webinar format
• One-on-One coaching (1-hour/learner included, more available)
• Program materials
• E-mail support between weekly meetings
• Accountability to their coach for making real changes

LUNCH-n-LEARNS (live or virtual)

Julie offers live, or virtual interactive talks for your group that fit into an extended lunch hour! When employees are thriving in a flexible work environment that includes working from home, the last thing the boss wants to do is call them into work for a 1-hour meeting on the day they don’t have to come in. Virtual lunch-n-learn programs offer the same content as their live counterparts but accommodate the flexibility of their work arrangements.

All programs are available with 1:1 coaching for participants to seal in the learning in a customized way. 


Bring Julie into your group meeting or conference for a live, interactive presentation on any of the following topics that can be customized to meet your needs. Post-program 1:1 coaching is also available.

  • Creating Time and Energy: Foundational Habits
  • Can You Hear Me NOW? Trending Technology Doesn’t Have to Lead to Communication Chaos
  • Valuable Habits for Working Families: Harmony at Home = Outstanding in the Office
  • Momaste – Raising Up Fellow Parents While Raising the Next Generation


All programs are available with 1:1 coaching for participants to seal in the learning in a customized way.