What does One-on-One Coaching with Julz of Life provide?

one-on-one coaching dig site

A dig site.

We all need a safe environment in which to explore our own treasure (and identify the junk). One-on-one coaching is just that space. Meetings are confidential, over-the-phone and objective. You set the agenda. Julie helps you see what you may otherwise miss. Most importantly, she holds you accountable for the changes that matter most to you.

While much can be learned from other parents while participating in group coaching, one-on-one coaching is a very personalized way to move forward quickly toward a far smaller “badge of busy” and “less griping and more gratitude” in your household.


What have others experienced?

How do we begin? 

We start with values exploration – what matters most in your life. We’ll determine what’s working (aspects of your life and parenting that align with your values) and what’s not (identifying your chaos tolerance in the process), and together we’ll make a plan for change.

How do we continue with coaching?

Once we have the plan, we work to move you in the direction you desire, one step and one habit at a time.  By meeting weekly for 30-minute calls and corresponding between meetings with resources and customized assignments to explore, you receive Julie’s full support.

Does the journey end?

Does the oaching end?  Yes and no. The learning and growth?  No.  

Once you’ve met a set of goals, yes, you might choose to stop coaching for a while.  Many clients take a short break and come back. Others work on new goals, continuing their learning and growth.  While still others choose to use the skills they’ve learned for positive changes and move to more independent learning like group coaching or online courses for their next leg of the journey.

Regardless of what type of coaching support you choose after completion, we know that the skills and habits created during our time together will continue to serve you as you move forward.

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