Calm the Chaos Just-In-Time Session $359

You’re an awesome parent. Still, sometimes the crazy creeps up on you and your chaos level hits CODE ORANGE (or you can certainly feel it approaching!) and you just need a way to calm the chaos!

You’re missing 1 ingredient for all three of your dinner options tonight, there are underpants on your dining table, you missed a doctor’s appointment, you delivered the bake sale items a week late, your fuse is short, and nothing seems to be going right.

Or maybe that’s not you – instead, you’re holding it together on the surface, but on the inside, you’re somewhere else – ANYwhere else – nothing seems certain, and it’s really hard to think straight.

Nobody works at their best under stressed conditions! I’m here to help.

I see your white flag. I’ve been in the scattered place. In fact, I wrote my book, Creating Time and Energy to remind myself how to un-scatter and live more intentionally! I’ve supported dozens of parents just like you to get back to being the parents (the people!) they set out to be . . . enjoying EVERY stage.  When you’re in it, it’s hard to see how to get out.

Together, we’ll see your situation from several angles, and move forward from there!

calm chaos just-in-time

 A one-hour mini session with Julie Ford includes:

  • a Calm the Chaos questionnaire sent to you prior to the call so we can get right to the heart of it
  • a 1-hour coaching session (via video or phone call) when we’ll work through the current chaos at hand and agree upon clear next steps
  • recording of our session to be sent within 48 hours
  • a summary of our discussion and agreed-upon next steps and resources that we discuss will be emailed within 48 hours
  • two (2) follow-up emails from me to make sure you are staying on track


Let’s calm that chaos before your chaos level hits a flaming CODE RED! 

Book a complimentary consultation today so I can answer your questions, or click BUY NOW and we’ll get started!