Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

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When Time and Energy are Scarce Resources

Leading a team can be exhilarating, exhausting, frustrating, and rewarding – often in the same day. Once you hit a certain level of chaos, it’s tough to see that you’re in the thick of it. When you notice, it’s hard to climb out.

Becoming a parent is joy.  A shocking, overwhelming, nothing-can-prepare-you-for-this joy.

You can plan all you want. Nothing will be to the letter. Not the number of diapers you calculated, not the time you thought you’d have while you were on leave, nor the amount of connection you have with this new tiny person.

Remaining in a leadership role after becoming a parent can be just as challenging. What does it look like? How do you remain engaged and effective when being pulled a thousand new ways? Each milestone at home may seem incrementally more earth shattering than the next target at work.

How do you mesh the two successfully as your family grows and children get older and have new challenges – school, activities, and more conflicts?

Supporting leaders through parenting transitions

Successful organizations value the talent acquired and cultivated over time. Keeping that talent in place after large transitions is vital.  The cost of attrition is high. The price of disengaged and/or ineffective talent can be even higher. As families grow and change, so do the development needs of the parents.  This can cause strife that, if left unsupported, will bleed into the workplace causing lost time, energy and revenue.

Julz of Life will support your organization and its high performers through the challenges of team leadership, rapid growth, reorganization, parenthood, growing families, and the overwhelm from “being it all.”

Corporate Programs

Julz of Life offers systems to help your talented leaders stay on track at both home and work by creating valuable habits to ease the chaos of parenting.

The programs are perfect for transitions like new flex work arrangements, arrival back from leave, and for the general population of parents in your organization with kids who have just passed a milestone (started school, started driving, moved to middle school or high school).

Julz of Life offers live seminars, a series of lunch-n-learn programs, workshops, webinars and other presentations all designed to help parents find their chaos tolerances and build routines to stay out of the red zone.

Contact Julie Ford to discuss a customized plan to fit your groups’ needs.

When your leaders’ lives are running smoothly at home,

amazing things can happen at work.