Parent/Teen Connection

When all else falls away, our kids are our Julz of Life. Connecting with them and sending them into the world confidently ready to make their mark is what we aim for. But what if we’re so disconnected we feel like strangers in our own homes? Here’s what a few parents have said about working with Julie.

“My kids talk to you… like about TOUGH stuff. Kids just TALK to you.”

Beth – parent of 2

I often meet with parents AND teens so we’re on the same page. I’ll meet with each of them separately and then we coach all together.

“Working with Julie has been such a blessing to my family.  My children are excited to talk with her… 

All of us working with Julie, means that we are all learning the same tools and have a language that we all understand.” 

Kim- single mom of 3

Working with teens individually, I help them discover their own fire in the belly and help them keep it lit so it serves not only them, but also the world they live in. I don’t do it for them, but I wildly champion their successes.

“While I was lost – searching for my way, Julie helped me recognize myself for who I am.  The biggest thing – she helped. I was doing all the work, but she was there along the way to watch me grow.”

D. age 19


If you’re thinking, “Hey… I want some of THAT!”

We have you covered with solutions starting at less than the price of new sneakers.

Let’s meet to see what fits.


I’m worried that my kids aren’t “world-ready.”

How do I get my teen to contribute around the house?

I want to connect with my kids.  How can I get through to them and have meaningful conversations beyond grunty, 1-word answers?

I just want to know them and have fun with them before they’re gone.

These are concerns I hear from the parents I serve. Just a few mental and physical habit shifts can turn these concerns into successes in fairly short order.

We’re human BEINGS

These habits aren’t just about the “DOing.” To make lasting changes for the better, we have to dig into habits of “BEing.” Sometimes that takes looking just below the surface, other times, we go deeper.

I provide a safe space to do just that.

I’ve been supporting parents and teens as they navigate the challenging richness of raising the next generation. The parents want to succeed in bringing them up and the kids want to raise the vibe of the bad rap each new generation gets slapped on them.

Raising teens is full of our own “remember when” and “oh boy, here we go” moments that we can choose to either DREAD or RELISH.

No stage of parenting needs to be “endured”

JOY is a choice and the sooner we embrace that together with our kids, the better off we’ll be as individuals, community members, and the next generation of solution-finders. Check out Enjoy Every Stage group coaching for a fun, accessible way to strengthen connections in your family.

Leading the next generation

one habit at a time!

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CT&E book launchCreating Time and Energy

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Harvest the TIME and ENERGY that's always been yours, but was just lost in the mess of it all!

4 Lessons:

  1. Learn what FUELS YOU and makes decision-making a snap!

  2. Uncover the things that drain you of PRECIOUS TIME and energy.

  3. Re-evaluate your routines and habits so they SERVE rather than sabotage.

  4. Move FORWARD with a system to keep the chaos creep at bay!

Coaching with Julie


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