Julie has worked with hundreds of clients

students, parents, entrepreneurs, professionals, and career seekers all looking for more treasure in their lives.
Here’s what a few had to say:


Business Relationship Manager, Manufacturing


College Senior, Business and Communications

“It was an honor working with Julie. In the fall (2022) semester. Julie demonstrated a huge amount of patience and helped me tremendously as well as accommodated and tailored our sessions to help me learn while taking my learning disability into account. Julie first started helping me only with Communications and was available and assisted me with my Consumer Behavior Group Project which without her would have never been finished as she kept me on target and in turn helped keep the group on target. This semester, my writing and cohesiveness improved tremendously. Most importantly, I have improved on finding my voice, setting limits, and advocating for needs whether it be in a group setting, individually, or to a professor. I look forward to having her next semester and would recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor as I have noticed a lot of growth as a person, with skills that can help me academically and through future endeavors such as a career.”

MD, mom-trepreneur and life coach

“Working with Julie was a gift to myself. I looked forward to our sessions in the same way that I would look forward to visiting with a good friend. In the tangible sense, she recommended resources to further my own education regarding the growth of my business. More significantly, she provided support which allowed me to identify my fears and move forward. Julie helped me to dig a little deeper into myself. Joy, humor, an occasional tightening of my throat and tearing of my eyes all appeared at one point or another and helped me to shift my outlook. The biggest benefit was that Julie encouraged me to give myself permission to try new things, to fail, and to let go of things that were hindering me. Her finest words, ‘Be gentle on yourself.’”

Owner, ZaineyandZoe.com and WomensBusinessWorkshop.com, mom

“My business has grown tremendously since I began coaching with Julie. I now have a concrete vision for the future of my business and the steps it will take to get there. Julie has a gentle and encouraging way of holding me accountable for completing these goals. Her tips on office organization, networking, record keeping, and support resources have been priceless.

When I worry about my competition, I can relax and know that I have an added advantage – my life coach.

I would recommend Julz of Life for any mom that is trying to balance running home and running a business. Julie is understanding and provides the right amount of support to help you do your best as both a mom and a business owner.”

Empty-nester, go-getter

“Having Julie as a coach literally changed my life. She helped me identify what is important in my life, and set goals accordingly. Through the accountability exercises, I have achieved goals that surpassed my wildest dreams. Two of my most significant accomplishments over the past year are overcoming a lifelong fear of the water and learning to swim, and losing 30 pounds. I can honestly say I would not have achieved either of these goals had I not been a client of Julie’s. Through her thoughtful questioning and guiding, I have found my own answers!”

Yoga instructor, actress, mom, lover of life

“When I became [Julie’s] client, I didn’t have the time or focus to even keep our first appointment, I called to cancel in tears of frustration. [Julie] was flexible, gave me the space I needed and the focus I craved. As our relationship grew, I learned to listen to myself, to think before I reacted, to take care of me in order to be my best for everyone else and to simply “be”. With [Julie’s] help, I worked through an enormous career change, the death of my father, and the salvation of my marriage. Throughout all of which I have learned, grown and become a more conscious person.

For all that I am today, I thank you [Julie]. I never expected to gain the depth of growth [Julie] walked me through.”

Mom (of human and dog), Customer Management Developer

Julie’s natural talents of insight of people’s needs and her strategic and goal-oriented vision of helping them is among her greatest strengths. She helped me summarize my career goals and drew out of me (so I was the one providing the answers and making decisions) how to effectively pursue my goals. Within a few months of working with Julie, I had a clear path for my career and a job offer!

I have known Julie since 1982 and can attest to the fact that she is the real deal. She was born to be a coach and help people. When she tells you to follow your dream, she is telling you from her very own experience. I highly recommend Julie.

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