Coaching is an EXPLORATION!

Explorations with Julz of Life offer:

It’s rare that home, school, and work lives are completely independent. While working with Julie, she supports your whole self –  your personal, academic, and professional goals – as they are almost always intertwined. Weekly or bi-monthly online meetings keep your progress flowing forward with focus and energy. Email and text support is also available during the exploration.
A coach’s purpose is not to load your to-do list. She holds you accountable for what you’ve determined most important. Follow-up is what makes the ideas come to fruition. Together, you and your coach design assignments (both things to do and mindsets to change) that are in alignment with your goals. Then, by designing what you will do and by when you will do it, your coach holds you accountable for what you desire.
Julie has designed several systems for walking you through common roadblocks to joyful living for adults and “adult readiness” systems for teens. Keeping the end in mind, you’re coached through adding useful habits that reflect your values, replacing those which are no longer serving you and/or your family. She moves you at your own pace through small changes that add up to large benefits over time without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.
Once Julie meets with her client, the power of intention becomes evident. When we share what we desire with another person, the pieces come into place – information, resources, and opportunities find their way through the cracks in the pavement to greet us. Julie shares these resources online and during live, private, and group sessions. You’ll find tools, tips, ideas, and quite a few laughs on this journey.

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