Life Coach

With one-on-one coaching, Julie helps her clients to define what matters most in their lives, and to realize what is and isn’t working. Collaboratively, they move through a customized plan to find more joy and less chaos in the everyday.


As 2020 threw many of our plans in the air, Julie blended her creative teaching style with her coaching and writing skills and began tutoring students from ages 10 to 70. In the early 90s, she had pondered a teacher’s certification but, after a full year of subbing, chose to remain independent and teach using her own ways. Her students have appreciated her candor, style, and unique methods for increasing their comfort with writing and speaking. Given her coaching background, “adulting readiness” comes into play for many of her students. She helps them prep their application essays, have adult conversations in networking (and other) situations, shine up their interviewing skills, and take job exploration to the next level beyond “the job.”

Her online tutoring topics have included:

  • Writing Anxiety, Academic Writing, Creative Writing, Technical Writing
  • Speaking Anxiety, Speech Writing, Live and Online Presentation Skills
  • Resume Creation/Updates, Interviewing, Networking, and Career Exploration
  • College Entrance Essay Consultation and Editing
  • Conversational English for ESL Students, Grammar and Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers


Julie’s background is in training and development with professional services firms. While at Arthur Andersen in the early 2000’s, she pioneered a coaching pilot for retention. Since then, she has written and delivered workshops that refresh her audiences with humorous analogies, easily implementable systems, and common sense. 

Creating Time and Energy: Foundational Habits 

Work/life BLEND – “When things are running smoothly at home, AMAZING things can happen at work.”

from “Creating Time and Energy: Foundational Habits”

This versatile workshop brings to light some basic truths about where time and energy may be leaking from our lives.  How often do we identify ourselves as “crazy busy”? When we ground ourselves in what we value most, the daunting “sea of choice” becomes easier to navigate. Instead of “crazy busy,” participants can own a calendar filled with no regrets and use their energy on the most fulfilling aspects of their lives.  Time and energy have always been there – let Julie help your group find it in the mess of it all. This program is available with 10 one-month memberships and/or 1:1 coaching for participants to seal in the learning in a customized way.

As a parent of two daughters, raising the next generation is a mission dear to her heart. By helping organizations support their high-performing individuals, Julie hopes to transform “work/life blend” into a wildly positive notion!


Many of Julie’s speaking topics are based on her workbooks and courses. Creating Time and Energy is her most recent publication now available on Amazon.


Julie speaks to groups and leads live and virtual classes on numerous topics related to creating values-based habits, prioritization, and keeping joy and passion in one’s work, parenting, and life. She specializes in helping organizations support their high performing parents through transitions. By teaching working parents how to keep their chaos level under “code yellow,” organizations increase engagement, effectiveness and retention.  Additionally, parents can do the important work of raising the next generation without blowing into a flaming “code red.”

Her live workshops have entertained and enlightened audiences large and small including the US Naval Reserves, American Business Women’s Association, Right Management, Rock Prairie Montessori School Board, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS), and Aurora University. Some of her past topics include:

  • Creating Time and Energy: Foundational Habits for a Scattered World
  • Valuable Habits to Support Your Personal Chaos Tolerance
  • Creating Great Habits and Making them Stick
  • Momaste: A World with More Love Than Snark
  • Creating Valuable Habits for Mom-trepreneurs
  • Creating a Valuable Summer Schedule
  • Get Out of Your Way!