You’re not crazy, you’re not alone,

and you haven’t messed up your kids for life!

So, you’ve found value in the 21-day Challenge on Facebook and want MORE –

a deeper dive into making great things happen in your household, then JOIN US!

We’re offering special pricing for continuing the journey!


3 Reasons Parenting Support is for YOU –

You’ll have:

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  • Less nagging, yelling, and frustration in your home.
  • More contribution from your family so you can all enjoy some time together.
  • Kids who ask, “how can I help?” or initiate what needs to be done without asking!


Group Coaching with certified coach Julie Ford offers:

A safe place where parents can make big impacts by implementing small changes.

Actionable assignments, tips, and tools to move you OUT of chaos and INTO more joyful parenting at EVERY stage!

No more dreading the “terrible twos” or gasping at the mention of “teen years.”

Enjoy the ride!

How it works:

  • 3 calls/month (at accommodating times), 36 calls/year
  • Receive coaching about in-the-moment challenges of contribution in your household
  • Private Facebook group for discussions and support in between calls
  • Just-in-time resources that help ease everyday chaos


How Affordable is Group Coaching?

VERY! As a coach, I’m definitely a believer in 1:1 coaching and accountability, but I understand that it doesn’t fit every budget. Group Coaching is a great way to get live, timely, customized support at a fantastic value!

Eric Olson