3 Steps Crazy Train On TrackAre you CRAZY BUSY? Want to get your crazy train back on track and live more intentionally?



  1. Set a timer for 10 minutes and do nothing but one (1) activity.

It might be reading your insanely complicated medical coverage policy. It might be the laundry or the presentation that you’re giving in two days, it might be reading a stack of 3 board books your toddler just handed you.

If you’re really off track and in panic mode (hey, we’ve all been there…) it might be BREATHING. Whatever it is, give it a dedicated 10 minutes where nothing comes in the way – don’t answer the phone, flip to social media, or wander off. Just be with it for 10 minutes.

  1. Choose Really own the “one thing” and concentrate only there. Focus for those 10 minutes. It’s a muscle like any other, it needs some conditioning before the work feels effortless. If after 10 minutes, you gain momentum to continue the activity, do that.
  2. Reflect Once you’ve stopped the focus activity, stop and ask yourself what that was like… was it hard? Are you out of practice? Was it refreshing? Exhilarating? What else?

Then, try it again, maybe not right away, but keep trying. What’s the next 10 min activity you’ll choose?

Pro Tip #1 – At first you may feel like you’re going to forget all the great ideas or insanely important “to do” activities swirling in your head during those 10 minutes. So what? Let them go. Trust that they’ll be back.

Pro Tip #2 – If you work up to bigger focus times (30 minutes or more), write distractions on small sticky notes and set them aside for later action. The thoughts get out of your head (they “feel” heard) and leave you alone.

Pro Tip #3 – Hire a coach or join a coaching group to help you know that you aren’t crazy, you aren’t alone and you haven’t screwed up your kids for life!

Crazy Train on Track