Group Coaching


If one-on-one coaching isn’t right for you in this season, you can receive tremendous benefit from coaching in a group setting. Julz of Life offers year-round ongoing group coaching. Calls occur twiceper month (at accommodating times of day) to allow parents a break where they can receive one-on-one coaching (and listen as others are coached) about their present parenting challenges and wins.

You’ll come away feeling refreshed, supported, and connected with others.

  • Coach through current areas of concern and listen as others are coached
  • Know that you aren’t alone, you’re not crazy, and you haven’t screwed up your kids for life
  • Receive support, tips, and suggestions (and LEVITY – always good to laugh) from parents who have been there
  • Continue the discussions with others in the private facebook group

I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the group and have been encouraged on many occasions! The others in the group are incredibly understanding and welcoming, and Julie leads well, giving really helpful structure and perspective that pulls it all together and drives it home. Wherever I am as a dad, it’s been an encouraging and steady anchor.

Nate, Dad of 3

Being a part of Enjoy Every Stage has helped me be more intentional about my parenting and makes me accountable for getting to the heart of what’s not working so we can adjust faster.

Jenni, Mom of 4, 6, 8, 5 (we foster…) 🙂


Often, Julie’s clients prefer a group setting to explore and dig into similar challenges (like Creating Time and Energy!) Group coaching is a great way to stay motivated through the changes you desire while working through the material at your own pace and receiving various perspectives from other participants traveling in the same boat. Another advantage to the online program is that it can be started and completed on your own schedule since the programs include recorded class information and an online group forum to offer support and accountability.

Group coaching programs offer live calls, allowing participants to share together or be a fly on the wall as other members of the group receive one-on-one coaching. Hearing that you’re not the only one having challenges with chaos mitigation is comforting, but hearing simple solutions is invaluable.

With group coaching, you get both at the fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching.

“Well worth the time invested.”

Now I know that I’m not alone. Not in my need for help or in process of developing new habits.
We fed off of each other and supported each other’s growth. Lots of shared learning.
Accountability: I might have been tempted to cancel or reschedule but I knew the group would be there, ready and waiting.
Cherith, Mom of 3, Creating Time and Energy participant

Targeted Group Coaching Programs include:

  • Downloadable materials (relevant to the target topic)
  • A program to follow at your own pace
  • Timely emails to keep you on track
  • Accountability through online forums and/or directly from the coach (depending upon program level)
  • Coaching calls and/or online coaching (depending upon program level)

Julie offers customized, private group coaching programs within organizations as well as the occasional public course. Contact Julie for upcoming courses.