Gift Giving Tracker

During the holidays, it’s tough to keep track of all the loose ends, no matter how organized or joyful a gift-giver you may be. Before you forget about something or someone, write it down. Keep it in a doc somewhere.Gift Giving Tracker

I’ve used a version of this for years and it helps me to remember what I gave in years past (so as not to give Aunt Sue another pair of handmade mittens) and, if I’m on my game, I can jot down gift ideas that magically appear in casual conversations. “Hey Mom, I’d love to have my own acrylic paints someday!” or “Wow, that’s a nifty kitchen gadget you have there!”

I have a super secret stash of gifts that I collect throughout the year. I keep the gifts in one general vicinity so I don’t lose them. This is where I begin.

So, take this, amend it at will and make it work for you and yours. If it’s too detailed, strip it of a column or two.

If it isn’t detailed enough, go crazy. Throw in sizes, favorite colors, birthstones and Zodiac signs! Add wrapping paper, tape, bows, bags, and chestnuts for the open fire!

How it works (not tough):

Change the date (year) at the top. Save the doc to a file you can easily find later.

Save the doc to a file you can easily find later (on the desktop is cool, unless you have snoopers.)

Add the folks who are getting gifts from you/your family.

Add ideas/wish lists (if have them – if not, ask for them and/or research them). 

Go through your secret stash and log what you already have.

Update each time you shop and/or complete a gift (we do several homemade gifts and treats)

At the end of the season, you have a record of what went where. You could get crazy and track if they liked their gifts or not. You can also make note that Aunt Sue absolutely loved the pot holder sombrero you made for Grandma enough to try and stuff it in her own bag!

Enjoy the tracker and report back to us here at Julz of Life. We’d love to see how you’ve modified it to fit your holiday!




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