Heading North – Feeling frozen or stuck… or in need of crisp clean air? Use these resources to discover the treasures to lift your gaze upward again.

Stuckness happens. This blog (you can also get an app or like them on Facebook or give them your email and get cool updates) is great for nuggets of wisdom that you can drop into action.

“Unstuck is the brainchild of the people at SY, a company that consults with and builds digital products for business undergoing large-scale strategic change. Since 1994, we’ve worked with the leaders of smart companies such as Apple, Nike, Facebook, Starbucks, IBM, and Disney to help them move past a stuck moment and make transformative change.”

And who couldn’t use a moment to whiz past “stuck” and step off the train at “transformative change?!”

Sometimes the day goes completely haywire due to a misunderstanding with the one you love the most. This can derail your parenting in a jiffy.

Give this a go to help you get unstuck! Have a look at this nifty collection of 50 great conversation starters and set aside 30 minutes a night to recharge a battery with your partner.

(You’re welcome.)

This book by Martha Beck is great. I’m a coach, I’m a human. I still get stuck. Her logic and process came to me at just the right time. She’s so cool, she provides downloadable worksheets for those of us who bought the eBook.

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