Heading South – Are you heading South today? Is your home-based foundation swirling downward? Use these resources to support the treasure of your busy home life.


Work events, school events, daycare schedules, doctor’s appointments, lessons, and (oh yeah…) some fun. How do we fit it all in and how do we keep it all straight? Here’s a no frills tool to help you begin the process by identifying your values and end it with a less chaotic calendar.


We’re all doing the best we can with the resources (time, money, energy, knowledge) that we have in the moment. This Life Skills Report Card was developed to help guide parents with a “how are you doing?” barometer for themselves and their kids for the things we often don’t think about.  This is a valuable tool when making habit changes.

Not sure where to start making some shifts for the better in your home?  Begin with the end in mind. What are you raising up?  What do you most want to see in your children as they grow? How are you fostering their independence and honing their life skills?

Take this short assessment every 3-4 months as a reminder.  Your kids, if they are old enough, can self-assess as well!


“Your gremlin is the master of misery lurking in the shadows of your very own mind. Your gremlin is not your negative thoughts and traumatic past experiences. He’s not your fears, regrets or self-limiting concepts. He’s the one who uses them – and more – to create elaborate cinematic works suited to your unique vulnerabilities. And he’s the one who seduces you into watching them and into confusing them with the pure experience of your breath-to-breath existence.”
~From A Master Class in Gremlin-Taming, Rick Carson

Great books, free teleclasses and valuable information on other learning products available at their website.


(Yes, housecleaning!) Five-minute room rescues, using a timer for dreaded (or addictive) tasks, dressing “to the shoes” and zone cleaning are a few of my favorite tips from the Fly Lady. If I did everything she prescribes, I’d blow a gasket. Proceed with caution. Take only what you need.


When you purge your obsolete and excess “treasure” from your home and closet (in honor of keeping abundance flowing) you can use this handy tool to tabulate the amount of your donation for your taxes!


Have an arsenal of options for your meal planning so that “what’s for dinner” actually has an answer.  (And if the concept of “meal planning” completely threw you, write to me straight away at Julie@julzoflife.com and we’ll get you on track!)

If you have older children (ages 8+), the “what’s for dinner” question can receive an “I don’t know, what are you making?!”  Here is a great place to start for teaching them the basics so that they may begin to help and even take over an evening or two in the kitchen.  Empowering kids with the knowledge, skills, and tools to feed themselves is a gift to both you and your child.

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