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Perfectionism Can Be Contagious


I’m the proud mom of two really talented and bright girls. Earlier this year, I sought a bit of assistance from a great advocate of the gifted at their school. She lent me a few books on the subject of perfectionism. As secretly suspected, I have a knack for perfectionism myself. Apparently, it’s contagious, so I’m working on it in service of myself and my observers.

I’ve been sitting on some posts I’ve written because they weren’t “just right” or didn’t seem to fit or weren’t “appropriate” for the world. I’ve been encouraged by several readers to knock it off and just post.

So, in your honor (you know who you are) the following posts are a mish-mash of my imperfect brain. The are dated mostly for my convenience and to give some context. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. It’s quite fascinating the fact that core press has trsafnormed the manner in which it talks about this recently dont you think? What at one time seemed like a rarely mentioned topic has grown to be more prevelant. It’s time to transform our position about this though.

    1. Hi Medha,

      I agree. When I was growing up, it was rare to hear of perfectionism. Now it’s quite simple to find many perspectives and solutions for noticing and coping with it (both for ourselves and our children.)

      What other resources have you encountered about perfectionism?


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