Tools of Life Goes Live on the Air

On Friday, October 11 at 9:30 a.m. CT, Tools of Life goes live on the air at Internet radio 21.6 The Net (“Daily Dose of Encouragement”). We’ll be coming to you weekly. I’m so excited to share simple shifts that make a giant impact in raising the next generation!

The joy of Internet radio is that it can reach a global audience, connecting parents and teens from around the world. (You can also catch a replay if you can’t catch an episode live.)

So what’s it about?

Tools of Life is written and produced by Julz of Life where we’ve been supporting parents and teens as they navigate the challenging richness of raising the next generation. This stage of life is full of our own “remember when” and “oh boy, here we go” moments that we can choose to either DREAD or RELISH. No stage of parenting should need to be endured. JOY is a choice and that’s where we’re going to start this first show.

7 Rules I Follow Since Choosing JOY!

After going through a “life swamp” this past year, Julie has a few lessons to share. Each of these 7 nuggets is a show in itself, so that’s just what we’re going to treat you to next! Buckle up for some perspective to help you get from “frustrated and frazzled” to “laughing and lovin it” faster.

How do I listen? ~ Click Listen Live at showtime

Download the 21.6 The Net App —>

Visit 21.6 The Net or Julz of Life on Facebook to catch the replay.

Go to the 21.6 The Net YouTube channel and catch past shows there, too!

Join us!

Tools of Life – where we bring enough levity and perspective to you on Friday that you love the weekend big and make people wonder what on EARTH got into you by Monday.

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