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Show Us Your BUT…

I have a high school senior and a sophomore at home. While they are beginning to grasp the reasons for distancing – the numbers, the projections, the potential, etc., they are processing a tornado of facts and emotions. There is a TON of shock, dismay, disappointment, deep sadness, and yes, anger.

And, it’s not just theirs. We love entertaining our kids’ friends, talking with them, hearing their stories, watching them grow. Stopping by the Fords won’t be an option for a while. Their dad and I have been looking forward to cheering our daughter through another wild track season (where fans can experience every Midwestern season during the hours of 4 and 9 pm while we shiver and snack). We absolutely relish the time spent listening to them perform music in their choirs, ensembles, and jazz combos. Solo and Ensemble State Music Festival was canceled for May 2.

Prom is (was?? Is?? Might be??) scheduled for May 9, my daughter’s 18th birthday. We excel at hosting photos for 20+ fancy students and their folks.
With the CDC recommendation of no gatherings over 50 peeps for the next 8 weeks, that takes us past most of the track season, the dates for the play, and past prom.

So most in-person gatherings are curtailed, BUT… we have the technology. We can gather via Zoom and have some laughs or even a virtual card game if we get creative.

Track might not have meets, BUT… we have a 100+ acre wood that the kids can run through while keeping 10′ apart. They can run the streets and do the same. They can track their runs on Strava and keep the competition alive. 

Solo and Ensemble State won’t happen at UW Parkside, BUT… WMSA is working tirelessly to make a “virtual version” so that the kids can perform virtually and get valuable feedback. Our kids are thinking of ways to submit music to cool things like #sunshine songs or to gather outside, 6-10′ apart to record some jams. 

The prom, is a rite of passage at the end of junior/senior years, BUT… it can be recreated if rescheduled and wouldn’t it be nice to have decent weather for a change!? We can even host some smaller gussied up gatherings if situations allow. 

So, I’m asking you all (young and old) to SHOW ME YOUR BUTS. Let me see your creative solutions, alternatives to our CAN’Ts and CANCELLATIONS.

I canceled an important visit to see family, BUT…
I wanted to get to know that cutie from Algebra by sitting in the stands watching tennis, BUT…
I was going to job search for summer, BUT… 
(stay tuned on this one! Julz of Life has got your back!) 

Now is the time for our hope, for our creativity, and our connection in ways we never imagined.  SHOW US YOUR BUTS… comment at Julz of Life Facebook or Instagram.

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