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3 Truths About the Ache of Parenting

3 truths about the ache of parenting

Here are 3 truths about the ache of parenting (you can check out the video here):

  1. It’s hard
  2. It’s a choice
  3. It’s worth it

As Julz of Life grows, I’ve received a lot of advice about marketing my business. Like parenting advice, much of it is very conflicting.

  • Focus on parenting . . . don’t focus on parenting
  • Have a strong online presence. . . do everything in person
  • Parenting has nothing to do with business (psst FALSE) . . . focus on increasing the bottom line
  • Make it known that parenting is hard and we’re here to help. . . nobody wants to work -make it appear easy

3 truths about the ache of parenting

My tagline, Life’s a Treasure… Start Digging, was the focus of the feedback, “nobody wants to work.” This struck a chord with me. I chose the tagline because hunting and digging for treasure is a gamble.  Sometimes you find an awesome trinket.  Sometimes the trinket you find is pretty “meh” in your perspective but someone else thinks it’s amazing. Sometimes the pleasure is in the digging. And sometimes. . . you just get sore arms. However, if you never dig, or if you aren’t on a conscious, intentional hunt for something, the likelihood of treasure jumping from the sand to hit you in the face is low.

I’m passionate about conscious, intentional parenting. With any passion comes ache – the ache of love, the ache to help, the ache of helplessness, the ache of integrity, the ache of truth.

Here are 3 truths about the ache of parenting.

Truth 1 – Parenting is hard.  If I tried to say that it’s easy – I’d be laughed off the Net. Sure, there are plenty of ways to ease the chaos of parenting. There are methods and systems for just about every challenge.  But just like running a business, there is conflicting advice, there are multiple choices, and true today is false tomorrow. There is digging involved. Sometimes through the pockets to remove what shouldn’t be washed. Sometimes through a bedroom drawer to find what we hope isn’t there.  Sometimes through the tears to find where to help a heart. Sometimes within ourselves to remember what matters most. It’s hard.

Truth 2 – Parenting is a choice – It’s a choice full of choices. Our kids didn’t choose us — we chose them.

I hear parents respond to children’s questions for permission with “I don’t care.” It’s always bugged me, even when I was a kid myself.  They might mean, “You choose. I have no preference.” Or they might mean, “Sure.” If we want them to make the choice themselves, we can say so.  Try instead:

  • You choose, I could go either way.
  • Both choices rock, what do you think?


If you absentmindedly say, “I don’t care,” please – stop. Our kids need to know we care, even if we care to let them choose. We’d better care an awful lot. They’re counting on us.

Truth 3 – Parenting is worth it – and almost every day, I believe that. Let’s face it, there are some days, when you wonder who that kid is and where he got those notions, that attitude, and the BBs for that gun. What fuels us on those days is that parenting is important – it’s not an occupation or hobby to be dabbled in. If we want our next generation to move forward well, we need to treat it like the most important job on earth, because it is.

Life’s a treasure. . . Start digging.


Julie Ford is a certified life coach, speaker, trainer, and author of Creating Time and Energy.  Individuals hire her to trade their “badges of busy” for intentionally full lives. Organizations hire her to attract, train, and retain our next generation of leaders, the Millennials.

Based on the foundation that when things are running smoothly at home, amazing things can happen at work, Julie uses one-on-one and group coaching to help her clients to define what matters most in their lives and to realize what is and isn’t working. Collaboratively, they move through a customized plan to implement habits that serve rather than sabotage their intentions. Her clients find more joy and less chaos in every stage of work and home one habit at a time.

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