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Tuesday Transitions

Tuesday Transitions

View the live recorded “Vlog” of Tuesday Transitions!Tuesday Transitions

The best laid plans are often tossed to the wind. How’s that week going? What’s better than imagined? What has totally flopped?

On Tuesdays, take time to grab that Sunday Summit Summary and see what might be revised.


What’s been added? Extra practices, A surprise business trip, unexpected doctor’s visits?

What’s been canceled? Freed up some time?? Oooh, WOW! Take time for some self-care!

What new “things” have been added to the list of things to fetch and find? You might need apples for the pie you promised while at PTA last night, or a funky pink boa for spirit week. Maybe a friend clued you in on sale that ends on Wednesday on the black pants you need for choir.

Consciously BE

Maybe the transition you have has nothing to do with a “to do” and everything to do with a TO BE.

keepitalltogetherBe flexible. Be honest. Maybe “hold it all together” LESS.  Yes, be more authentic to give everyone else permission to do the same. When I tell my kids, “I’m sorry for yelling. I thought this plan would work, but it’s failed and I’m hurting right now, so I need some help,” they pitch right in with hugs and support. They then feel as if they can do the same when they’re in a pickle. We all need to know that we’re loved even when we’re at our least lovable.

Does someone in your house need some extra care? Unexpectedly rough week? Sometimes “whites of your eyes” time is the best cure. Be playful. Stop everything for a game of cards, a mini dance party, coloring, or LEGO Fest. I resist play in the midst of crazy busy, but I’m always grateful thereafter for the lift it gives.

Trouble with an English assignment? Overloaded with Algebra? Maybe it’s time to be the student with them and Be curious to learn the root of the problem. Help them find resources and solutions.

Does someone need extra support with a friendship? Be present to listen. It may take just 15 minutes. If you wait, and it escalates, it may cost much more. Put all phones down. Look your child in the eyes, and listen. I have to resist the urge to fix and only offer suggestions when they are done (and/or they ASK for suggestions). Encourage positive solutions without judging others.


Once you’ve determined what changes need to happen in your week, take a minute and re-establish center. Course correct… move into the 2nd half of the week with grace and style! (And once this is a habit, a few minutes may be all you need each week!)

You’ve got this! Happy Tuesday Transition!

And momaste.  The mom in me sees and honors the mom or dad in you!

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Julie Ford is a certified life coach, speaker, trainer, and author of Creating Time and Energy.  Individuals hire her to trade their “badges of busy” for intentionally full lives. Organizations hire her to attract, train, and retain our next generation of leaders, the Millennials.

Based on the foundation that when things are running smoothly at home, amazing things can happen at work, Julie uses one-on-one and group coaching to help her clients to define what matters most in their lives and to realize what is and isn’t working. Collaboratively, they move through a customized plan to implement habits that serve rather than sabotage their intentions. Her clients find more joy and less chaos in every stage of work and home one habit at a time.

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